Landon was one of the boys who moved into the rainbow neighborhood after I did. My friends Lauren, Camille, Megan, and Amanda would seek out the new boys and watch them during church. Every time they passed the Sacrament to us, we’d start giggling. Landon, especially, was one of the cutest boys I had ever seen. He had long, brown, curly hair that flipped out at his ears. He had a cute shy smile with big brown eyes. I was in love the minute I saw him walk into church when I was thirteen.

The ward girls made up nicknames for all the boys we liked, and all of the nicknames had to do with a fruit.

Camille liked Garrett—Apple Pie.
Lauren liked Mark—Peaches and Cream.
And I liked Landon—Banana Split.

It was our goal to get the boys to like us during Youth Conference. Mark already talked to Lauren a lot. Camille was still scared to talk to Garrett. And I… Well, there was another girl—two years older than me—who had a crush on Landon. And she was not scared to show it.

The girls and I gave her a nickname. We couldn’t associate her with peaches and cream or banana splits, so we thought of the nastiest candy bar we could think of and named her that: BIG HUNK.

When we went swimming, Big Hunk would ask Banana Split to play that damn chicken game, where she could sit on his shoulders.

When we went in the hot tub, Big Hunk sat next to him and giggled.

When we rode up to see the Manti temple, Big Hunk cuddled with him.

I loathed her.

And even years after, Big Hunk followed Banana Split around school, church, the neighborhood, etc. There was no way I could talk to Banana Split.

Years later (when I was 15 or 16) I found out that Landon had a crush on me during that time, and he didn’t really like Big Hunk. Dangit.

((Anyway. The reason I wrote this blog is because I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and thought Hey! My hair looks like Landon’s today! ))


  1. I remember this. And I love it. And I know exactly who you’re talking about. Hahhaha… 🙂

  2. Where is the delicious banana split now?

  3. Mikell, hahaha. The good days at Youth Conference!

    Landon is now on his mission. I didn’t go to his farewell. I haven’t seen him since before Germany. Banana Split and I have gone our separate ways. And I’m sure Big Hunk has too.

  4. I think I know, too 🙂 I believe that we may have also had some experience with Big Hunk 😉 I remember when Garrett found out that he was being spied on from across the street. Ah, crushes. So fun.

  5. JANET THAT WASN’T ME! Hahahaha! Oh my gosh, I get so embarrassed when anybody brings that up. Crushes, crushes.

  6. hahah! I remember all this as well! You cute girls! You bring smiles to my face!

  7. Oh my! I’m smiling so much! I can’t believe you remember that, haha. We were crazy. (:

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