There is something wrong when you have an orthodontist appointment at the age of 18.

There is also something wrong when you walk in and all of the dentists know you, your brother, and your mom by name.

And when the ladies come up and hug you and tell you how big and beautiful you’ve become.

And when the doctor himself gives you a hug.

And when one lady introduces you to some of the new ladies and says, “Anne has grown up here!”

And when one lady shows you YouTube videos of her son singing.

And when they all gather around to show pictures of you and your teeth from two thousand and FOUR.

And when at the end of this nice little reunion, they say that your front tooth is crooked.

And that you’ll need braces again.

And No, you won’t have to do the lip bumper, the rubber bands, the tongue thruster, or the expander again. Just braces.

Braces in college.
Braces when you’re eighteen years old.
Braces when kissing boys is fun.
Braces when you talk to professors all day.



  1. ha ha. lol. so funny. And, I would do it… 8 months is nothing,

  2. Oh anne. heh heh you in braces AGAIN? wow! but 8 months IS nothing. I am going to need braces for years plus the rubber band and all that crap.

  3. 8 months is everything.
    i don’t want to.
    it’s one tooth.

  4. COME ON! Ask for a retainer or something. I don’t want to go back, because I wouldn’t want them to say something!

    That being said, you would totally rock braces. Again. 🙂

  5. Anne, if were lucky, we might have braces at the same TIME! 😀

  6. The question is will your tooth become even more crooked without the straightening? Eight months is a blip.

    Can’t they give you a retainer to wear at night?

  7. DO IT! Have you seen Ron’s teeth? I mean, I love him and everything. But seeing them will change your mind in a hurry. (Hope he doesn’t read your blog)

  8. Anne, when are u getting them? I will knok all my baby teeth out and get braces so we have them at the same time. You me and Annika baby. 😀

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