When it comes to shopping for a boy, I never have a clue what to get, no matter how well I know him.

When I came back from Germany, I gave Will a hat from Bavaria with a pin that said “König” (King). That fit him perfectly and he enjoyed it. That present was fine.

In the sixth grade I bought Garrett a dozen roses for Valentines Day. It was a cute gift, even for a boy, except that the student government handed out the roses during 4th period—the class Garrett and I sat right next to each other. As a twelve year old girl who had a little crush, it was humiliating. The whole class burst out laughing when the girl in a heart sweater said, “Garrett, these are from Anne Louise!” and I sat next to him, hiding my face.

Last Christmas I bought Dad a black shirt from Target that had the Beatles’ heads in different colors. He wears that shirt a lot. But I know Dad doesn’t like getting clothes for presents. He doesn’t believe that necessities are gifts.

Those were fine. No complaints. Kind of the same old, though. But now I am eighteen and dating a twenty-two year old. What does a twenty-two year old guy like?

I’ve asked people what to get him. They say, “Well. What does he like?”

I respond by summarizing every damn thing I know that he does and doesn’t like, “Well, he likes sports—he played football in High School and loves to water ski, he was ‘livid’ about the NBA lockout…. he has a good fashion sense, so I assume he likes clothes….since his mission he doesn’t like dogs anymore, he likes sushi and thai and Italian… in fact, he’s not a picky eater. He loves Batman… ”

And people go, hmmm. And then decide they can’t think of any present and change the subject.

And then comes the paranoia that I don’t know my boyfriend well enough to buy him a present.

So I try subtly asking him. I say “What are you asking for Christmas?”

And he says back, “My own apartment and money so I can buy myself something.”


So I try again. “What would you buy yourself?”

And he says “Eh, all my socks have holes.”

Socks. Now there’s an idea. Pfff.

Even if Spencer liked dogs, I couldn’t get him a dog for Christmas! And even though he likes sports, what am I supposed to get him? And even if he likes sushi, would he appreciate a box of sushi for Christmas? No!

Please. What do your husbands like? What presents have you given your past boyfriends?

Do tell.


  1. Ploomer, I miss youuuuu.
    Christmas break? Can I, can I, can I see you? 🙂
    Btw, my favorite to-go are burnt cd’s. Always a hit.

  2. I like the burnt cd idea. Songs for Spencer. Or get him a stocking with an assortment of things: little toys, candy, socks. Put in one mitten with a note that you’ll give him the other one next year if you’re still together.

  3. I don’t mind necessities as gifts. If you need new socks and can’t afford to buy new ones for yourself, then it is a great gift to be sock hole free.
    CD’s are always good.
    If he’s so into sports, find out his favorite team and get him a hat or a jersey for that team.

  4. Ich hab zb ein Bilderrahmen mit ganz vielen kleinen bildern einem ExFreund gegeben oder ein Armband hab ich auch schon jemanden geschenkt :b

  5. Take him to a Jazz game. The upper bowl seats are not that expensive and it’s really fun! I did that for Brandon while we were dating and he LOVED it! Also, what about concert tickets or something cool from the Clark Planitarium. They have really cool guy gifts.

  6. I’m with Kelly. He would probably love that… even though the Jazz are irritating to watch. Lol. Does he use lanyards? They have sweet ones at Fanz. Does he watch movies very often? Get him a movie that you guys could snuggle and watch together. Guys love candy. Get him some of that. Find out who his favorite basketball player is and I gotcho back. Don’t get jerseys… that’s overrated for guys out of high school, according to my father. Call me if you have questions. I’d say I’m pretty good at shopping for guys who like sports.

  7. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t he like dogs?

    (sorry, I know this doesn’t answer your question – but I got stuck on the dog issue)


  8. Great ideas! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Loira, YES! Christmas Break! I’ll be working at nights though, but yes, let’s get together.

    Katy, I think he secretly likes dogs, because he was sweet to my two dogs at home and Miss Cairo. But he complains that Germans love their dogs more than their children, which is why he doesn’t like them since his mission. 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Seems to me it is more of a reason to not like Germans than a reason to not like dogs 😉
    Gotta watch those secret dog lovers. Glad you are happy. If you have a bit of cash you could get him a basic kindle and put every free classic on it – like buying him a very classy library.
    Or you could get him a dog.

  10. Anne, this is Harrison. I would just like to correct you. Maxwell and I got dad that black shirt with the Beatle’s heads on it. Not you.

  11. Oh.. Hm. I thought I had some say in that. I guess not. my apologies, Harrison. 🙂
    Well. One less present I successfully gave to a guy.

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