My apologies for not writing. I try to write something every day, but everything right now has been either too enthusiastic, or too down. I don’t feel like always writing a post about how grateful I am and how wonderful life is and blah blah. I also don’t feel like moaping and wah wah-ing all of the time about how depressed I am.

But I had a great time at The Porch Society’s Christmas Party. Spencer was in charge of the hot chocolate bar for part of the night. We had a hilarious White Elephant Gift Exchange. We played Jenga which, when playing with Sam (Spencer’s friend), is the most amusing game on the planet.
I love Spencer’s friends. It’s like watching a sit-com every time I’m with them. It also makes me miss my friends.
Short and sweet.
Off to work. Happy Holidays.


  1. Anne O ann…
    LOL, love it! You are FUNNY!!!

  2. ANNE! I MISS YOU!!!!!!

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