It’s hard to wake up Sunday morning and say “Yippi! I’m going to church!”

Which doesn’t make sense. For eighteen years I’ve woken up and gotten ready for church. Why is it that the moment I move out, I can barely force myself out of bed?

The fact is, I like church when I’m there.
Like last week I said to Tarl and Bryant “It’s like your whole perspective of the world is widened once you go to church. It reminds you of the beautiful opportunities in life that you hadn’t even thought about before.”

And that’s not church every week (it was a very spiritual testimony meeting last week), but there are so many options in church to feel the spirit, ponder, feel at peace from the past week’s challenges, and better yourself by being humble and taking the sacrament.

Still. I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want to talk to anybody today. I don’t feel like smiling so I don’t want to go to Relief Society. I don’t like how quiet the Sacrament Meeting is in the Singles Ward. I have exams to study for. I have things to do. I was up really late last night. I don’t want to put something nice on. I don’t know where my tights are and I don’t want to shave my legs. My car is almost out of gas. I don’t want to put make up on.

Maybe I’ll just go to Sacrament Meeting.

No. No, Anne. Just go.

Maybe I’ll just read my scriptures for an hour and call it good.

No, no, no. You know you won’t do that.

Maybe I’ll just pretend sick.

Pretend? Who are you pretending to?

But I have so many exams…

Which is why you need that spiritual boost to help you through the week!

Uggg. You’re right.

Yes, I am right. I’m Smeagle.

Fine. I’m getting up.

Good girl.