I have a new journal. Mom gave it to me for Christmas. I am writing in it because it makes me feel good. I have forgotten how good it feels to ramble in a journal.

Work isn’t as fun as it was. I complain about it all of the time, but I shouldn’t. I’m making money and I feel secure.

The inversion is bad today.

I can pay for a Mexico ticket and go to school next semester.

The Pandora radio for “Young Blood” is the BEST.

I am still not sure if I am going to Germany. I am applying for study abroad and foreign exchanges, but I can’t make up my mind.

I would really love to go to Pakistan.

I hate texting, but I hate when I don’t get a text.

Last night I dreamt that Natalie Portman and I met up at a club and talked about buzz cuts. She said she really enjoyed hers. I asked her if she thought I could pull it off and she said yes.

I need to call my doctor, orthodontist, and dermatologist. Bluuh.

I need to go grocery shopping.

I made goals for 2012. Did you?

I called my dad at 2 in the morning to tell him I got a B+ in History.

I got a B+ in History.

I have no idea how I got a B+ in History.

My first semester of college was a success.

If there were an earthquake right now, I’d probably die.

Marriage is the first thing people bring up when I tell them I’m dating a returned missionary. Amusing.

What do you do with lanyards?


  1. Our building is earthquake resistant (although not earthquake proof–there is no such thing as earthquake proof), but your odds are pretty good that you could survive an earthquake here. Unless that clock over your bed beans you on the head.

  2. Go us! B+es all around! How did we do it? The hell I know!

    Mexico. I’m stoked. Getting my passport next week. Can’t buy my ticket until February. Now I’M the one without a job.

    Lanyards. Put your keys on them and wear them around your neck. Best invention ever. I never lose my keys. Knock on wood.

  3. What are Lanyards? Is this the trick to being a responsible, reliable person?

  4. My kids use lanyards as “puppy” leashes for each other. Just imagine it….you pulling Mira around with a lanyard hooked to her neck….see – PERFECT IDEA!! :)-

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