For months I’ve contemplated whether I should deactivate my Facebook or not.
Because every month I go through my FB and delete about 20 different people. I have made friend rules…

1) If they have never said hi to me on my Facebook, unfriend.
2) If they saw me in a public place and did not say hi, unfriend.
3) If I never talked to them before Facebook, unfriend.
4) If they are someone from Elementary school besides Brooke, unfriend.
5) If they are a man from my home ward and I know him through his wife, unfriend.

The list goes on.

Also, if I don’t get more than 5 notifications in a day, what’s the point of having a Facebook?
And if I’m not talking to Bruna, Sandra, Farah, or Rosa on Facebook, then what’s the point? I can text Megan and Ana. I can call my mother. I can write Josa an email. I can talk to others through blogging. I’m fine without a Facebook!

Facebook was fun when I lived in Germany because I posted pictures and people commented. Now what? Now it’s just a bore.

So I deactivated it. Woop woop!

And for those of you who know of my hysterical side, don’t worry. I deactivated my Facebook when I was very calm. I gave it some time before I decided to act.

BUT: I will miss some things–

Sara’s famous videos. (I will probably miss this the most.)
Ana’s cute wall messages.
Random notes from Herbert.
Stalking Lucas and his cute fam.
Getting on the CBYX reunion page.
Talking to Bruna.
Reading Jon’s witty comments.

Anyway. The Facebook is gone. Relief.


  1. LOL! I did not read all of it but the part I did read was funny. I read the part where you explained why you would unfriend people.

  2. Bruna

    How am I gonna talk to you??? 🙁

  3. I just emailed you. Now you have my email address. 🙂 I will write you.

  4. Okay, now help me expunge mine.

  5. I am hereby interrupting my non-commenting habit (which is lame) to say hooray for no facebook! Good job, Cute Girl.

  6. Yay, Sarah! I am also a lame no-commenter and I will begin to comment on yours. 🙂
    And thank you. I’m having small withdrawals, but hopefully it’s for the best.

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