the break is almost over and i’m thrilled!
i’ve been working 10-12 hours every day and i’m ready to have a school life again.
i’ve hated this break.
no time for family, friends, boyfriend.
i’ve seen my family only a couple of times, my boyfriend about once a week at odd hours (like from 11pm to 4am–the only time we can see each other), and i haven’t hung out with megan or the cousins AT ALL.


i’ve already slaughtered my first week of school, though. i said i’d work 30 hours next week, which is my first week of school.
i’m psychotic. ugh. UGH!

anyway. i have a terrible headache from working so much and my knees hurt from standing all day.

i’m so happy that school is starting. spencer is in my german class, so i get to see him mondays and wednesdays. i don’t have to work saturday nights anymore, which is sooo nice.

blah blah blah.

i’m working myself too hard. i feel like i’m going to tumble any second. my knees are giving out. noooooooooooooooooo.

but just so you know, even though i’ve been working ALL DAY, i changed the oil in my car, did all the other tedious car stuff, i made an appointment with my orthodontist (I’ve decided not to get braces and live with a crooked tooth. just getting a new retainer), and……. yeah.

i felt like writing something, so here’s why i haven’t posted. i’ve been extremely busy. ta-dah!


  1. I’m glad the break is over too. As weird as this sounds, we might be able to hang out again. Lol.

    I’m sure things will mellow out. You can do this! At least you HAVE a job now right?

    Love you tons. I can’t wait to see you again. Tell me when you’re free or when you’re coming to South Jordan again.

  2. Megan, message me your school schedule this semester and we’ll figure it out! I don’t have to work Saturday nights or Thursday nights. You’re welcome to sleep over here, and I’ll try to make my way up on the weekends. Ooo, I miss you.

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