Happy Super Bowling!

Today I…

1. Woke up at a reasonable time and made myself breakfast–oatmeal.
2. Conquered three hours of church.
3. Went with Spencer to the Super Bowl Party (same group of friends from the Christmas Party).
So there.
I am exhausted, but my brain won’t turn off. Plus I need to buy myself a more comfortable mattress.
This week I…
1. Must talk to the Anthropology Teacher Aide about my test grade. (I had a typisch Anne moment and forgot to write on the Scantron which test version I had.)
2. Have an appointment with a social worker on Tuesday.
3. Will buy a Mexico ticket and pay the rest of my tuition.
4. Will buy myself a new pair of jeans.
5. Need to get all of my Anthropology reading done.
6. Should read my German Magic reading.
7. Must finish my math homework.
8. Will study with Spencer on Thursday.
9. Will go out to lunch with Chelsea.
I can’t think of a 10th. Too tired. It was a boring list anyway.
Is it bad to complain about the Sacrament bread?
Because during the Sacrament today, I took what seemed to be a normal piece of bread, tossed it in my mouth… and CRUNCHED. crunch crunch crunch, gulp.
I don’t think Sacrament bread–or any bread for that matter–is supposed to be crunchy.
Did I not get the memo? Are we using croutons instead of bread for the Sacrament?
Anyway. Happy Super Bowling. Have a good week.


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