I sat next to Emily Andrews in math class today. She was my best friend in 6th grade. She was the reason I painted my room orange when I moved, because she had an orange room with millions of pictures pinned to it. She also took pictures and worked for the yearbook staff and wrote creative MSN statuses (when MSN messaging was the shit.) She was friends with all the cool guys at school. She’d go on three-week vacations with her family to travel Europe. Yes, she was fast with words and had an acid tongue at times, but I loved every bit of her.

Anyway, I sat next to her in math class and got the low-down about writing for the U’s newspaper. She loves writing the newspaper, she’s an editor already, all of her best friends are on the staff, it’s a great atmosphere, it’s a lot of work, but it’s fun, they pay you for your articles, and they give you tuition breaks.

I would love to do this. I think. I think I would… I mean, I can write. I can write articles. And I’d like to be more a part of school and campus life. And it’d allow me to cut down the weekend work load… The only problem is having enough money to get me through two months in Mexico. How much money do I need for two months in Mexico? Hmph. I’d have to quit my job if I did this. And it does pay a little less than what I get at the restaurant. What do you think?

That’s the biggo thing on my mind.

So I will apply on Wednesday. And I’ll decide from there.

(Making money by writing—-butterflies. Gah!)


  1. Do it!!!

  2. Don’t you hate it when money is always an issue?

  3. Do it!

  4. You HAVE to do it! You are such an awesome writer and you’re right. A great way to get involved in campus life. One of my biggest regrets. And ditto Louise. Kinda hate money. But love love love you!

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