Spencer and I celebrated his birthday weekend by doing a number of things:

1) On Friday we went out with my parents and stayed for hours at a restaurant called Este’s, eating pizza and buffalo wings, laughing at each other’s jokes (and constantly laughing at our own jokes), telling friend stories and work stories and school stories… Afterward we went to Barnes & Noble and Mom sneaked away to find the book Spencer wanted to get himself. He was thrilled when my mom said Happy Birthday and handed him the book. He called for a group hug.

2) On Saturday (his birthday), I came up to his house. His first birthday wish for the day was to get my car washed. (It has had a ton of bird shit plastered to the front for a while now. Spencer could no longer take it.) The problem was that bird shit is quite acidic and we were unable to take all the poop off. Still, it looks better than before. At least I think so.

3) The next thing on the list was to go to D.I. I don’t know any other man who would wish to go to D.I. on his birthday, but Spencer isn’t your average guy anyway. We walked around looking at suit jackets and shoes and books (I found an old book called “The Romance of a Missionary” and from what the chapter headings were called, it looked dirty.) and finally headed out for the next thing on the list.

4) Spencer has wanted a thermos for a while now. He’d see the students at the U carrying thermoses. He wanted one. So we made our way to Target. We spent a good half an hour or so looking at the five different thermoses.
A: Why don’t you get this one? It’s the biggest one and you drink a lot.
S: Yeah, but I don’t like the way it looks.
A: What’s wrong with it?
S: I don’t like how big the cap is.
A: Oh. Okay. How about this one? It’s a lot simpler.
S: Yeah, I don’t know… It’s smaller.
A: Yes, but it still carries quite a bit. I mean the only bigger one is the one with the cap.
S: Yeah… Feel this one. And this one.
A: …Yeah… They feel a little different. What’s the point?
S: I like how this one feels.
A: Does that matter?
S: Of course it matters! I’ll be the one holding it.
A: This one can keep your drink hot for 12 hours. This one for only 8.
S: Hmm. Well feel how thick this one is.
A: …Yeah. It’s thick.
S: Hmm. I just don’t know.
A: Well you like how this one feels. You like how it looks. Why don’t you get it?
S: Well this one is just bigger…
A: Well… Ugh. Well…

We finally got him a thermos and he’s thrilled to have it.

5) For lunch we went to an Asian place in Bountiful. I told the woman it was Spencer’s birthday and she handed us two large cups for soda. I don’t know how long we sat there, but we talked and talked and talked. I love talking to Spencer.

6) Another thing on the list. THE JAZZ GAME. While we watched the game, I brought out the cupcakes Grandma gave him for his birthday. I sang to him. (video above.)

7) At the end of the night, I handed him his birthday present: Darth Vader headphones.
I was shocked by how happy he was. He couldn’t stop smiling while he opened them. “Oh my gosh, these are so cool, oh my gosh, these are so cool,” he kept saying. He attacked me with kisses and said how awesome I was. Spencer is by far the most fun person to give presents to. I’d be okay buying him a new present every week just to see his reaction. Look at me, boys and girls. I gave a guy a good present.

8) On Sunday, I drove up to go to church with Spencer. He teaches in primary, so I sat on a little chair and listened in on his lesson. I couldn’t stop smiling. Those kids love him. One girl kept grabbing his hand to hold, the boys laughed every time Spencer pretended to be angry, they whispered in his ear when they played a matching game in opening exercises.

We played a game of dot to dots in Sacrament Meeting, then headed home to prepare the birthday dinner.

9) Spencer’s family came over. It was the first time meeting his grandparents and aunts and uncles. His little cousin’s attacked him and wouldn’t share him with me. So I sat with his uncle, Randy, who I love to death. We played Ticket to Ride at his house months ago and I immediately fell in love with their family. He gave me a side hug and said, “Tell me what’s going on in your life.”

10) Once the family left, Spencer and I drove to Wal-Mart to look for the Millenium Falcon (Hon Solo’s.. jet.. contraption) lego set. It wasn’t there! They were re-stocking anyway, so we walked around Wal-Mart for a good 2 hours until Spencer’s hopes and dreams of getting the lego set that night started to wear off and we drove back home. We will get the Millenium Falcon sometime this week. We’ll build it. Spencer will have a great new part to his Star Wars collection. It will be fantastic.

Happy Birthday, darling Spencer.

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  1. You guys are kinda adorable.

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