I’m quiet because your ten-minute rants of so-called “advice” have bored me and I can’t help but pick at my toes.

I’m quiet because I’m holding back tears and I’m not ready to cry in front of you.

I’m quiet because you might be right and I’m thinking about it.
I’m quiet because I know you’re right and I don’t want to admit it.

I’m quiet because I disagree.

I’m quiet because I find you fascinating. Keep talking so I can listen.
I’m quiet because I think you’re cute and you make me nervous.

I’m quiet because you’ve Shh’ed me. And I am done fighting for the spotlight.

I’m quiet because Harrison needs my attention.
Because Mira demands my attention.
Because Maxwell sat down in the seat next to me, waiting for my attention.

I’m quiet because I’m bored.
Because I’m thinking.
Because I’m anxious.
Because I enjoy listening.

I’m quiet because the couple’s conversation behind us is far more interesting than ours.
I’m quiet because I don’t know how we got on this topic. I thought the topic before was more interesting and you interrupted my train of thought.

I am quiet because I just realized I interrupted you. Sorry.

I’m quiet because you think I get all of the attention when you’re not around. We haven’t talked in a while. Why don’t you look at me and ask me a question for once.

I’m quiet because I’m enjoying your compliments. Keep going, peasant, you’re welcome to kiss my feet.

I’m quiet because I had a long day at work.


  1. I really really like this – especially the unique way in which it was written. You have a new follower 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you

  3. I love you. Is it time to start shouting over people?

  4. Well, this just makes me nervous.

  5. I feel ansious too! It was good to read it ..

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