(Because I don’t want the day to be over…
((After five and a half hours at a fast food place, you feel like your life is nothing more than a droning buzz in a stiff honey tree.
(((aka, you want to slit your wrists.))
 I am going to go on with my update.)))

 3) Spencer should be number three. Actually, Spencer should have been number one, but I don’t have a specific update to tell you about Spencer, except that he plays a huge role in my life. What could I tell you about Spencer and me?

 Well. Yesterday was sunny and warm. Spencer got a new bike a couple weeks before, so we drove to his house and started on a trail. We went for a ride while the sun sneaked behind the mountains.
He rode next to me.

 Afterwards we went to 7/11 and got slurpees. The Pina Colada kind is my favorite.
Spencer bought a sour patch straw.
 I would never buy a sour patch straw.
 We slurped (the slurpees) in the car and watched strangers.
An old man with a pink and green plaid shirt walk into 7/11.
“What do you think he’s gonna buy?” Spencer asked.
 “Chips,” I said.
“Beef jerky,” he said.
The old man bought two packs of peanuts instead-one for him, one for his wife in the car.

A young man, shaved head, walking with attitude, his girlfriend smoking in the car.
“He’s buying a six-pack,” Spencer said.
“…Of Dr. Pepper,” I said.
 He bought two giant energy drinks-one for him, one for his girlfriend in the car.

 What else about Spencer and me? Oh, I don’t know. We study together Wednesdays and Thursdays and go out on Saturdays. We try to see each other on Sundays, when possible. He gives me moral support when I have an hour to write an article, he listens to my irrational anxious thoughts and calms me down. He makes me laugh. He likes all sides of me–the physical part, the dorky part, the teachers-pet part, the spiritual part. I love being with him.

I have also learned so. much. from him. So so so much.

 I could go on. I like how he talks to me. I’ve never felt stupid around him. I like that he is a hard worker. I like that he has an optimistic view about his future and the things he will accomplish. I like how much he cares for his friends and family members. He is loyal. I admire his honesty.

 Baha–getting emotional. Gotta stop.

 Voila. Update number three.

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  1. I am glad you like him so much. 🙂


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