I spent a week out of wifi life. Even though I knew that none of the networks would work at the hotel, I spent at least 30 minutes a day, pleading for my computer to find a signal in the facebook/twitter/blog life. And for what? To see the red “notifications” button on facebook? Check for any followers on twitter? Comments on last week’s blog? If I could burn it all, I’d do it now. No more tempting from a non-living object.

My friends see my future in a forest by myself. They picture me writing and painting and only coming out for my once-a-week drawing class and an occasional ice cream cone with old friends. No wifi—just pens and lined paper and tall trees to climb.
But my last attempt to climb a tree ended with Spencer hoisting me up a branch, because I have no muscles to pull myself up. And besides, I live in the internet age, whether I like it or not.
Today Megan, Ana and I ate coconut ice cream under orange umbrellas. Servers brought out our orders in fancy glasses. We talked about growing up and difficult decisions while Mexicans walked down the sidewalks, checking off their errands.
Sometimes I wish time would stop, just to prolong an afternoon under an orange umbrella.


  1. The photos look as if you are having a wonderful time. Mexico looks so fun.

  2. i totally agree with u

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