Mexicans take a pause in between their order and the word “please.”

For example. In English we say, “Could I please have a burrito?” or “I would like a burrito, please.”
In Spanish they say, “I would like a burrito…




This sends shivers down my spine.

Because during that long pause, I’m thinking, Don’t walk away, waiter! I haven’t said please yet! or Don’t talk to someone else! You won’t hear my Por Favor!

I listen to Ana’s Dad: “Quiero ceviches de camarón…”

Wait for it, wait for it. Waiting… Waiting…

“Por Favor.”


I asked Ana why I can’t say it directly after my order.

“It doesn’t sound right. It sounds like you want to eat a food called ‘Por Favor’.”

Twitch. Twitch.


  1. Such a lovely thing to learn. Por Favor. I’d like some green taco sauce with my por favor. Lots of love.

  2. I love this.

  3. thx for sharing 🙂

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