These are the last pictures I took in Mexico. Ana and I walked around old Merida and, like turning the corner in Aachen to see the Rathaus for the first time, I was amazed by the massive old buildings–all a different color.

In Germany I used to complain about the U.S.: “Why don’t we have old ladies in red coats riding on bikes? Why can’t we have villages where we can walk to the pharmacy or post office? Why can’t we make our cars smaller?”

In Mexico I was blown away by the color. Orange houses with red flowers crawling up the side of the house. A mint green governor’s house and a pink city hall. I would have loved to write stories and people watch in front of the cathedral. And buy some coconut ice cream. Why don’t we have color in the U.S.? Why does everything look so grey compared to this?

I learned enough Spanish to listen to family conversations. I was able to laugh at the right time and know when Ana’s mom lectured her about not putting enough food on my plate.

I flew home a couple days before Spencer and my six-month mark. I didn’t tell him I was home. He thought I was at the beach the whole week. I kept emailing him my updates about the beach party, but really I sat in my house waiting for Wednesday to come when I’d surprise him.

On Wednesday (June 6th), I called Spencer’s mom and asked her if she’d let me in to the house. I hid my car a couple blocks down the street and set up my computer in his brother’s room. Around 6 I heard Spencer and his sister Katie come through the door. Katie came upstairs to see me. She knew the plan.

A couple minutes later, Spencer and I got on Skype. I sat in front of a white door so he couldn’t tell I was in his house. The video shows his reaction.

We met on the stairs and I yelled “Happy six months!” He wouldn’t stop smiling.
Kiss kiss. Hug hug. Kiss. Hug. Kiss.

A week went by.
And we decided to get married. 
We had been talking about it for a while. I was thinking maybe next year… or the year after.
Then we decided December.
No, December is a terrible time. Finals, Christmas… How about Fall break? Okay, October.
October? Really? Teachers are still gonna give us homework, we only have a week to have a honeymoon and get things ready for our apartment. If we’re gonna get married, why don’t we get married in August?
Well. Okay! August it is.

And now we’re engaged.


And I am as happy as can be.


  1. This made my day 🙂 You are so adorable.

  2. so so cute. Such a cute idea! 🙂 CONGRATS!

  3. Love this post. I am so excited for you. I am trying to think of original things to say that will convey how happy I am for you, but I can’t so– congratulations! Happy marriage! Happy life! and stuff.

    ps- You look very pretty in your Mexico photos.

  4. Such a funny video. “Give me two minutes to shower.”
    HA HA.

  5. I am sooooo excited for you! Life is always an adventure! Embrace it always!

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