Spencer and I both had mental breakdowns on Sunday.

My life is out of order!
I need a schedule!
I need to work out again!
I just need to sit here and play with my toys!
I want to work again!
I need to be alone!

The wedding plans have somewhat taken over our lives. We’re going crazy.

“I just want to get married already,” I yap. “I just want to get an apartment.”

Also, we are both having major anxiety dreams.

Spencer dreamt that I belled out on our Lake Powell trip in August because my Kindergarten reunion came up, which is obviously more important.

I dreamt that the Lindsays and my YW leader, Kelly, played a trick on me on my wedding night so that Spencer and I wouldn’t go to bed. (I will write about this later.)

And last night I dreamt Spencer’s mom, Gayla, told me I looked really cute in the outfit I wore. Then she looked at Spencer and said, “Spence, doesn’t Anne look really cute in her outfit?”
He looked at me and said, “No,” then walked away!

Besides our craziness…

We got an apartment yesterday!
It’s 483 sq. ft, has a built-in desk, and cinderblock walls. I’m freaking psyched.
We have an apartment. We! We, we, we!
Skip, skip, jump, skip skip.
We’ll move in August 9th.


  1. I think you may have just given me a really really good idea!! 🙂 I want details!

  2. Remember that elopement idea?

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