A glimpse of our home! Lots to do, but here are some of things we love about our house. 
1. My wedding bouquet, anthropology vase (from mama), butter dish (from aunt sarah), and leaf table (from Grandma). These things make me happy.
 2. Spencer’s Star Wars Collection on his bookshelf. The millenium falcon doesn’t fit on the bookshelf. Still finding a place for it. 
3. The wall of clocks! In progress, that is. Also, a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge from Uncle Chris, and an “A” made up of Spencer and my wedding invitation and colors.
 4. The Hotel Monaco armoire. Yuss.
 5. The linoleum floors are also a plus. 
 6. Kitchen with Gayla’s curtains and whiteboard. Two lovely aprons.
 7. AStar Wars card from Bill and Christine Bracy and dreams.
 8. Spencer got a B on a test he thought he’d fail. Yippideeskip.
Maybe once we get carpet for the living room and put more things on the walls, I’ll show you the whole house. But for now, here are some happy things in our home. 


  1. Love it all, especially the little faith messages.

    And way to go, Spencer.

  2. Bruna

    I love this 😉

  3. You have your own home. Beautiful.

  4. Read the text i sent you. then you will know what i think about your awesome apartment.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA. Megan. I know. That chewbacca.

  6. So freaking cute! And hey I wanna go to Hawaii! Love your curtains and butter dish/ vases! Oh and nice Star Wars collection! Sweet man!

  7. LOVE it all! Hope you are you are still in wedding bliss!

  8. It looks so different from when we were there!!! Love the curtains and love you!

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