Hello Strangers.

I am drinking 2% milk to drain out the hot Mac and Cheese I just devoured.

Too hungry to let it cool.

I’m not a starving college student. Really, I’m not. Spencer and I eat pretty well, considering our food expenses and budget.

Sunday. Dinner with family. Check.
Monday. Spencer’s gone til 9. Scrounge for food. Mac and Cheese. Check.
Tuesday. Anne’s gone til 9. Scrounge for food. Ramen noodles. Check. Kind of.
Wednesday. Laundry day at the grandparents. Corn chowder. Check.
Thursday. Grocery day. Spicy honey chicken (that ANNE made.) Check.
Friday. Feelin’ rich. Coconut chicken fingers (that ANNE made once again(who said the woman couldn’t cook?!)). Check.
Saturday. Exhausted from work. Scrounge. But we could make something… Nahh. Mac and Cheese. Check.

Spencer makes breakfast. Cereal, if we’re running late. Waffles if we wake up in time. Pancakes if it’s a holiday. He brings home bread from the Farmer’s Market bakery on Saturdays. He cleans the dishes and the bathroom and takes out the trash. I love him for it.

I slowly put the house together. The furniture is finally in place. I put the vacuum pieces together, the printer together, and the tall lamp. Spencer does the air conditioner. It’s too mechanical for me.

The bed takes too long to make. It is shoved in a corner, which means we have to tuck the blanket on one side. That’s too hard. We don’t make the bed.

We don’t have a car. We take the shuttle to campus and the trax to work. We take the bus to Target for groceries or walk to Dan’s.

Rian picks us up sometimes. Sometimes more.

We’re living and happy.


  1. Love! I love seeing glimpses in to other people’s newlywed lives… 🙂

  2. haha this sounds a little familiar;) you guys are so cute ..and now i am stalking your blog! hehe ha ha he 🙂

  3. You cooked twice in a week–that’s great with your schedule. Wahoo.

  4. It sounds magical Anne. I’m so proud of you.

  5. You the shiz.

  6. Nahh, you da shiz.

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