Things I could be doing right now:
Going to the bathroom.
Writing the information I already know about my article.
Writing my personal essay for creative writing class.
Writing my second analysis in German.
Beginning research on German villages–Their lifestyle and political views compared to German cities. (Legit, might I say.)

But I’m needing a break, so here’s our adventures at Oktoberfest last weekend.

Rian was having a sentimental moment. She and her dad took a picture together with this board years ago.
The only reason to go to an Oktoberfest in Salt Lake is for the waffles. 
 Spencer has a crush on the world’s Yo-Yo man champion. 

Rian and I lost Spencer. We found him in the line for beer.

He just wanted the mug.
 Rian got fries. I ate some.
I don’t know what face that is. But it’s kind of awesome. 
Also, the wedding photographer should be giving me the CD soon. I’m dying to post wedding pics.

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  1. I needed to see these.
    Thanks 🙂

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