1. Cate

    So your akzentlos Deutsch has finally convinced me to come out of my dark, anonymous corner of the internet.. my German only sounds that good in my dreams! I found your blog through the CBYX program the spring you were in Germany- it’s the reason I decided to apply and participate in the program the following year heh

    I’ve been following your site ever since, occasionally scrolling back and reading through your posts during my own year in Dland. I loved the various things you’d share on the blog – college life, romantic endeavors, awkward moments and gift hunting issues- stuff I can totally empathize with that only you can seem to put into words. I know you and the hubby have just returned from Anaheim but if you’re ever in So Cal region again, give me a shout out and I’d be more than pleased to host ya! Love your blog 🙂

  2. Cate, that was the nicest comment! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you finally came out of the dark–it’s always fun to find a fellow CBYXer. Where did you go? Do you have a blog?

    I absolutely loved the CBYX exchange, but like any time away from your comfort zone, it was super difficult. I hope you had a good experience. Are you still using your German?

    So glad you wrote something! I’d love to hear your crazy exchange stories sometime.

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