Spencer and I have been in Disneyland for the first half of the week. Today we are driving back from Anaheim.

I love to travel because the minute I land in/park at/walk to a new place, my brain starts ticking and I realize there can be more to my life besides the studying, cleaning, and working every day. Hey, I could be setting up business plans for the ice cream shop I’ve always wanted! (We had ice cream on Main Street Disneyland yesterday.) I could go for the bohemian look and dread my hair like I always wanted! (We looked at leather bracelets at the stands.) I can make tissue flowers to decorate our house! (I saw those ridiculously expensive chocolate roses in tin foil). I’ll join breakdancing club at the U and learn how to breakdance! (I went to a drag show last week with breakdancers).

But before I go bohemian chick on all of you, the first project I’ll do at home is scrapbook Spencer and my 2011 and 2012–dating, fianceing, wedding, and marriage. If I don’t do it now, it won’t be done. I still have all of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

And then I’m going to write like crazy because I have stories to tell.

And then I’m going to work on getting published because it scares me and I must do scary things.

Disneyland was a perfect vacation for a school break. I love love love Spencer. Love love love.

Roller Coaster Video (starts at 1:00)


  1. I love, love, love you.

  2. FUNNNN!!!! I am so jealous!

  3. I am never going on that roller coaster. Those teacups are about my speed. Come home, safely.

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