Saturday night.
Spencer and Anne lie on bed after long day of work.
S: I feel fat.
A: Well go running.
S: …Thanks for blatantly agreeing with me.
A: Oh. Well. You don’t look fat.
A: I mean,
you look rather skinny.
S: Oh shush it.
Walking to church.
Spencer and Anne hold hands. 
A: These high heels are just, ugh, I don’t know, I can’t really walk in them, I don’t really like them.
S: I think you look better in flats.
A: Well, shut up!
S: What, I was agr… 
Anne scowls at Spencer and walks faster.

At church. Sacrament Meeting.

The man sitting next to Anne and Spencer wears shorts. He also has crutches and a bandaged knee. 
Spencer rolls his black slacks up. His hairy legs and thick socks show. 
A: Spence, what are you doing?
S: I’m seeing what it’s like to wear shorts at church.
A: Spencer, stop rolling those up.
S: What? I just wanna see how it is. 
He rolls his slacks up to his knees. 
A: Spencer, roll your slacks back down!
S: Fine! Jeez, I just wanted to see what it’s like to wear shorts at church.