My camera is at its end. Specks stuck in places I can’t clean myself, slow-working–It’d cost almost as much as buying a new camera if I took it in.

Five years of adventures with that camera! Unicycling with Jaron, Tasia and her dyed purple hair, hiding in the bushes while Zach looked for his answer to the dance, High school football games, photoshoots with Ana, Ann-Kathrin, Harrison and Megan, that silly baseball game with Will, climbing on houses in Park City with Em, the Mädchengymnasium, the Eisdealer in Jülich, the alleys with Lissa and Sara, Aachen Aachen Aachen, adventures in Hedersleben, Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa and me in Vienna, my ancestors in Holland, sluffing school to go to Maastricht, Köln with the exchange students, college, Spencer and his sweaters, walks through Salt Lake.


Breathe, breathe. Time to save up.


  1. RIP 🙁

  2. And weddings with me! But they die, Annie, they just die. So happy shopping and dreaming.

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