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Grandma and Grandpa, this is for you. 
After hours of whimpering and whining and fussing, I have made a somewhat interesting graph. 
It’s not done. I have to rearrange the political issues so that they go in a certain order. And state my source. And space out the bars. 
But my visual rhetoric teacher said it looked good so far. 
See, grandma? I can be techy! (After 5 hours of having no idea what to do.)


  1. My gosh, this is so cool. I love the Liar Liar title and the horse and donkey and the little flames make the lines look like candles. Did you have to stay up all night?

  2. Do you know it says foreign police instead of policy?

  3. Haha, yes, I saw that. My dad thinks the color red for Romney makes it biased because his “pants on fires” stand out more. Sigh. I think he’s right.

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