Rian, I’m stealing your “good things” idea. 
Ever since Spencer beat me at my favorite game of all time, CLUE–(yeah, I know, it’s super kiddish, but I love it), I’ve come back with a vengeance… in every game we’ve played. Guess who, Connect Four, Battle Ship. Then last month we had game night with some of our friends from the ward. The game was girls against boys. The girls won and everyone was surprised, because apparently the girls hadn’t won in forever.
Yes, people. I’m taking credit. 
And Modern Family is a daily ritual. Nothing like snuggling up together in bed with hot chocolate (for me) and Wassail (for Spencer) and laughing out butts off. Claire drives me insane, but I love Cam and Gloria the best. Modern Family is addicting. 
We also have our Monday night ritual where we watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead. We don’t snuggle. It’s more like I hide behind Spencer’s shoulders while gory Zombies try to eat people. We always watch an episode of Modern Family afterwards so we don’t dream of Zombies. Although last Monday I dreamt Phil from Modern Family was being chased by a Zombie. Hm. 
Since the leaves turned, Spencer makes me hot chocolate every night.
He also read my poem yesterday. Poetry scares me, but he read mine and still said it was good. 
He made orange juice for my soar throat. 
He picks up a newspaper every day and reads my article.

He walks to campus at 9pm and waits for me to get out of class. Then he walks back home with me. 
He washes the dishes.
He tells me I’m beautiful.
He started a swear jar. We have to put a nickel in the swear jar if we say something bad about someone and if we swear. We currently have $1.25 in the jar and an IOU from Rian. I love him for this.
Three months of marriage and still standing! Woop! 


  1. A man who makes you hot chocolate is hard to find.
    Whahoo for making it three months.

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