It snowed for about a week before the sun melted everything away.

 Thanksgiving with the A family. Everyone sat at a long table. The High School/college cousins sat together on the east end.

 Stuffing. Rolls. Gravy. Jello. Turkey. Yes.
 Tyson took Spencer and Lloyd on a ride. Spencer is wearing his dad’s leather jacket.
 Lloyd is ending his ride in this video. Ha!
After stuffing themselves with food, the cousins lay on on the ground, playing with their phones.

After hanging out with the A fam, we went to my parents’ house and hung out with my grandma, grandpa, Dan and his kids. We played a game called Telestrations, which was seriously funny. You have to draw a picture of a word, pass it to the person next to you, and they have to guess what the picture is. It’s like Telephone but with pictures.

 Thanksgiving celebration on Friday at Lion house with my fam. Hats, dresses, and honey butter.

 My little cous’ and me. Sally Sally bo Bally.
 The hats.

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  1. Lots to be thankful for in these pics. Kisses.

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