I am bundled up in blankets.

The bed’s blue, red, yellow quilt.
Gayla’s green, pink, yellow quilt.
Spencer’s fleece Star Wars blanket.

I have emailed a bajillion teachers for my article. Two students. I should email more students.
I’ve decided to write an article about the “winter blues” months and if that effects students’ motivation during spring semester.

I know if I get out of bed it will be cold. I also know that there is an overflowing pile of dishes to wash, carpet to vaccuum, and a coffee table to windex.

I’m also a bit hungry.

This spring I’m taking five classes.

Mediterranean Cultures. (With Spencer.)
Severe/Unusual Weather.
From Grimm to Disney.
Gerechtigkeit / Justice. (Whatever that means.)
Chrony class. (a one day/week class about improving articles and talking with professionals.)

After this semester I’ll have 2 more gen ed req’s to take. 3 more German electives to take. 3 culture studies courses. Then I’ll figure out what to double major in.

I’d like to try for a 4.0.
I want to make sure I get 4 articles in every week.
I don’t want to do homework on the weekend.
I want to read scriptures, family and personal.
I want to pray morning and night.

Can you tell I’m having fun with my blog?


  1. “affects” student motivation. The “effects” of winter on student motivation. Blah blah blah.

    Who doesn’t like a grandmother correcting her grammar?

    Need a skip on those dishes?

  2. Oh poo.

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