Rough week, but I’m back.

I go crazy when there is no food in the house (who doesn’t?). And last week we badly needed a grocery run. I haven’t walked to the grocery store because of the storm, so we’ve been surviving on the last of the butter, egg (singular), oats, sugar, and flour. I made oatmeal cake and only made half of what the recipe called for. It was delicious, but I was still starving afterward.

But we hit the weekend and dear Lloyd took Spencer to Smith’s with a list of things to buy: carrots, lettuce, two loaves of sunflower bread, sandwich meat, two large tomatoes, Ragou, Chewy bars, eggs, butter, spinach, bananas, apple juice, tortillas, strawberry yoghurt, Silk, 2% Milk, 3 cans of Cream of Chicken soup, chicken breasts, and 4 Red Baron pizzas.

Our monthly budget is $250 for food. But I try to stay in the $200 range.

So today Spencer made me a rockin’ turkey sandwich, I made myself a green smoothie for breakfast, and I’ve got an apple and banana in my bag. Feelin’ super rich.

Also, I had a major bad UTI on the day of the blizzard and walked to the doctor’s. The worst. No, it was worse than worst. But I distracted myself by pretending to be Mr. Tumnus hunching over with an umbrella, looking for a lamppost. It worked a little bit.

Are UTI’s one of those things you shouldn’t talk about in public? Well. If it is, oops.

I have an iPhone. It’s Spencer’s hand-me-down. I play “Draw Something” with Mira and Instagram dorky pictures of Rian. I can’t get into Twitter. My job would like me to twitter it up. I guess it’s like this pressure to be witty. I don’t want to be pressured to be witty, so I’m not going to be witty, darnit.

I also wrote an article today and finished by 1p.m. New record.

I also have a super bad headache because Herr Metz just gives me headaches. Well, German gives me headaches.

I’m eating a banana and the girl across from me is eating the apple. Apples and bananas. Also, her makeup is the same as mine today. Wait. No it’s not.


  1. Anne, for heaven’s sake, give us a call. You don’t need to suffer like that.

  2. I’m all for the suffering if it motivates blog posts. But of course, I suppose a Tom & Louise grocery escort would surely result in a pretty fine blog post too – let’s hear it!

  3. Your suffering makes me laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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