I bought nine frames with our Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards from the wedding.

Four 5×7’s.
Four 8×10’s.
One 11×14.

The wall looks fab, people. Even without pictures in the frames.

We are thinking about animals, even though we’re only allowed to have fish in our apartment. Spencer likes fish. He likes their color and their faces and their fins.

“You can’t get emotionally connected to fish,” I say, hanging the frames on the wall. “You can’t have a relationship with a fish.”

Spencer sits at the leaf table with his homework, hunching over his computer.

“I’d be more emotionally connected to a plant or a tree,”I go on.

Spencer snorts.

“What?” I say, turning around to him.

“Nothing. Just. What you said.”

“People can be emotionally connected to plants or trees. It’s a living thing, just like an animal.”

He smiles again. “You just walk next to a tree and go *gasp* and suddenly are emotionally connected to it.”

“Well I am! I’m breathing the same oxygen as the tree’s. I feel the tree’s presence. Trees only do good things. It’s not stupid to be emotionally connected to a tree.”

I stand there folding my arms while Spencer goes back to his homework.

“What about this?” I point at his Star Wars collection. “What about this, Spencer?”

He perks up from his homework. “That’s different!”

“No it’s not. You are emotionally connected to this. Now look at me like I’m crazy again. Who’s the crazy one here? Not me. Not for loving trees.”

He keeps his smile and looks as his computer. I turn around at the frames.

“Not me. I’m not the crazy one here,” I mutter.

“What?” Spencer says.

“Nothing. Just. murmurmurmurmurmurmur.”


  1. “Relationship” might be a bit strong for either plants or Star Wars’ collections, but if I were voting, I’d go with the plants.

    Frames are always a good idea.

  2. (Sorry, totally creepy to comment since you don’t know me–Hi, I’m Annie!–but I though you would like this.) Maurice Sendak loves trees. So you’re in good company.

    (at about 1:50)

  3. Annie, just saw this comment, and loved the video. Thank you.

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