I’m a little lost today.

Behind in my German class already. It’s difficult to be behind. At this rate I’ll never get ahead.

Things just feel extra hard today.

I worked and worked until 9 last night and I’m still behind. How can that be?

The sun is going down. It will soon be cold.

Anxious. Shouldn’t I be making appointments with deans?

I should be doing anything but this.

I had a nightmare last night.

I woke up with a throbbing fist from punching the cinderblock.

I didn’t want to punch the cinderblock. I wanted to punch the bad guy in my dream.

I held Spencer’s arm, still thinking the bad guy would pound through the bedroom door.

And when I woke up to begin the day, my mind would only go to bad things. To sad, terrible things.

Why does the brain let itself think of terrible things when it relaxes into sleep?

I’m just a little lost today.


  1. Oh Anne, I’m sorry you’re having a low mood day. If I were there I’d make you a cup of hot chocolate.


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