I can finally sit for a minute. Don’t you love being busy? I love sitting on my leather green couch after a long day of running around. There is not one bit of anxiety left in me.

I will award myself by watching an episode of Downton Abbey. Yes people. Another TV show. What is happening to me?

Over the weekend I wrote an article about the Natural History Museum of Utah. The NHMU held a “Family Sleepover Night” for children and their parents to roam around the museum after dark in their spongebob square pants pajama bottoms. The best.

I’m feeling more confident in writing articles. I can finish an article in 45 minutes. An editor from the Salt Lake Trib, who goes over our newspapers every week, told me my story about the Alzheimer’s app was the best article of the week. Improvement, people!

Our international dinner was a hit. More people came than we expected. We handed out $20 Cafe Rio gift cards to the couples who won the “How well do you know your spouse?” game. We all laughed as a panel of couples answered questions about enhancing romance in your marriage and how to be more intimate. Spencer asked the questions and cracked jokes. We ate ridiculously awesome food, thanks to our neighbors.

Afterward we played the card game “Bang!” at our friend Joey and Tara’s house. James and Jasmine were there too.

Then Spencer and Joey went sledding at 11:30p.m. and didn’t come home until 2. Spence came home with scratches all over his face. Apparently he landed head first on the ice and skidded. Ouch.

I could go on. Instead of Sunday School and Relief Society/Elders Quorum, the stake presidency held a  finance class. They told us that it is crucial to not have debt, to save, and to live within your means. They said to be wealthy and financially independent so that you can take care of others. Be rich so that you can be charitable. I loved every bit of it. I’m so glad I am a part of a church that just wants to take care of people.

So many good things.


  1. Those are mighty fine articles, Anne. The rest of your life sounds mighty fine too.

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