I should have taken my scarf off for the picture. Oh well. 
Good morning, friends. 

Yay for holidays. Yay for having Monday off.

Ana and I said goodbye to lovely Lu. Loira will be on an LDS mission for a year and a half in Florida. She leaves tomorrow. On Sunday Spencer and I walked in late to her Sacrament Meeting. Ana and her fiance, Jake, saved us a spot. We sat down and Ana handed us two headphones. I looked up, realized everyone was speaking Spanish, and burst into laughter. It was a fun surprise to listen to Loira’s talk through a translator at the Spanish branch. She did a wonderful job.

Another event is coming up in our ward that S and I are in charge of. Because there are so many international students in our neighborhood, we’re having an International Dinner. I made a flier that looks like everything on Pinterest. It works.

It’s my third episode of watching the Bachelor. I watch and I am disgusted and also completely entertained. I laugh through the whole thing. Spencer rolls his eyes and watches Sherlock Homes with his headphones. When I begin to laugh, Spencer takes off his headphones and says “What? What?” and then rolls his eyes when I tell him what happened. 
It’s ridiculous. When we went to Spencer’s family on Sunday, Lloyd was appalled that the girls in his family watched the Bachelor. I told him it reminded me of the importance of celestial marriage. And then, of course, I burst into laughter.
I think I’m kind of hilarious.


  1. I think you are kind of hilarious too!! Loved the comment because it supported the girls in the family!! 🙂 Every time we watch that show, Lloyd comes into the room several times to remind us of his dis-approval! It’s pretty funny!

  2. I have no idea how Kevin’s name got on my Blog. That last comment was not from him – he is on Spencer and Lloyd’s team!

  3. I like TV that allows me to be snarky.

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