I am at Hanauma bay. I play with my beach ball. A rainbow beach ball. It is big. I open my arms wide to hold it. I drop it. My beach ball falls on the sand. The wind blows. My beach ball rolls. It rolls toward the water. It floats now. I run. I yell. Maybe I yell at mom. Maybe I just yell. Maybe mom swims to get it. Maybe she can’t reach it. I run toward it until I can’t touch. I watch my beach ball. My beach ball floats away.
I am hiking with the family. Alex and I walk together. The hike is next to a steep hill. Alex swings around the skinny trees on the steep hill. If he trips, he will fall, I think. Down, down, down. I tell Alex to stop it. I don’t want him to fall. He doesn’t care what I say. He swings around the trees. I clench my teeth. I look down at my shoes instead. I think I am wearing jelly sandals. No. I’m not. I’m wearing white tennis shoes.
Alex and I climb on a rock. I can’t get up. Alex boosts me up. Someone is taking a picture of us.
Great Grandpa Allen is holding my hand. We walk on the house’s beach. Grandpa steps on the purple jelly fish. Their bubbles pop. Grandpa, why are you stepping on the jelly fish? I ask. I like the popping sound, he says. He pops the purple jelly fish. Pop. Pop. Pop.
Ann, my mom’s cousin, is holding me. She has a nice face. She has a pretty smile. Her name is Ann like mine. My name is Anne. She picks me up and tosses me into the basket chair. The basket chair is dark green and dark blue. I laugh. I laugh real good. She covers me in pillows. For a minute I am scared. How long will I be covered up in pillows?
I have to pee. I really have to pee. But I am in my swimsuit. And everyone sits on the beach. My cousin, Lindsay, is with me. Lindsay, I have to go to the bathroom. Just pee in the ocean, she says.
We are watching Pearl Harbor. I like most of it. But the movie is too long. I wonder how old I will have to be until I get the remote. I won’t ever be old enough. I wonder if Uncle Mark will ever find something else to do.
Uncle Mark asks my brother Harrison to put sunscreen on his back. Harrison doesn’t want to touch Mark’s back. Harrison puts sunscreen on Mark’s back. He doesn’t move his fingers. He keeps his hands straight and goes up and down in the middle of his back. He wants to finish fast. He says he is done. Mark goes to the beach. He lies down. He falls asleep. He falls asleep for hours. He wakes up and walks back into the house. His back is blood red. Except for Harrison’s white finger prints. The white finger prints just in the middle of Mark’s back.
Ambryn and I find fruit in the trees. It looks like stars. It smells good. We want to dry them and make necklaces. You won’t be able to take them back with you, Julia says. They’ll throw them away at the airport.
I sit on the red bench at Aoki’s. I eat a volcano. There are bees everywhere. They lick up the shave ice on the window. I walk toward the parking lot. I don’t like bees. 


  1. So nice. Aren’t you glad you’re going again?

  2. Not at all, no.

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