I’m disgusted that the only pictures I have are from my iPhone. Saving for a camera, saving, saving, saving. 
Spencer and I have realized that we splurge on holidays. But because it was also our 6-month anniversary, I’m trying to get over the fact that we only have $25 left in our food budget for the month. I’ve wanted an orchid in the house, so Spencer got me a dozen roses and an orchid. Thank you, Spence.
I love having flowers in the house. I love sticking my face in the roses and breathing. I turn into Alice in Wonderland. I turn into a little girl hoping to hide in a bed of flowers. I hold them and say good things to them, hoping they won’t begin to droop.

On Saturday mornings Spencer puts on his Superman shirt. I usually don’t get to see him wear it because I’m working, but he wore it the whole day. Lloyd and Gayla and Katie were out of town, so we stopped by their house to do some laundry. Spence went into the basement and played Battle Front 2. He’s not a huge gamer, but for an hour he was in his own world.

We’ve been having too much fun. We got tickets to a U game, so at 1pm on Sunday we headed over to the huntsman center. The U was always behind until we tied Arizona at one point, so Spencer and I shouted and shouted, hoping it would make a difference. Jerry Sloan, former jazz coach, was there. We saw the back of his head.

I realize when I’m at a live game, I’m much more furious. I felt like I was in High School again. Basketball was always more fun to watch than football.

We lost.

 After the game we had lunch with Rian and Grandma and Grandpa. We had a lot to say. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. Rian told stories about her work–she gets to talk to elderly people all day. They pinch her butt sometimes. They call her pretty. But sometimes she has to see sad things. Spencer announced he got an A on a math test. I talked about interviews I’ve had, like the biologist who goes to prisons and helps them grow endangered butterflies, or the former poet laureate who went to Antarctica just to write poetry about scientists and penguins. We laughed about the latest gossip. We go home feeling good and loving our family.

No school today. Although we have scholarships to fill out and homework to do, a day of no school is a day of rest. I woke up at 9am with no alarm. I love seeing my blue, yellow, red quit. I love seeing the light from the window. The curtains are closed, so I know it’s sunny outside. I open the curtains and see blue. Another blue day. How could we be so lucky?

I’ve missed you, blue sky. Please stay for the day. I don’t know when I’ll see you again.


  1. Loved seeing you yesterday. I like Spencer as Superman. I think it will be sunny all day. Yay!

  2. I’m with Grandma. It was great seeing you and giving hugs all around. Love you.

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