Theresa, my visiting teaching companion (also from Germany), has my number. We have figured out Family Home Evening for the month. We will go out to frozen yoghurt next week. She also texted me, asking if I could watch her kids while she and her husband go on a date. I adore her two kids. They are blonde hair, blue-eyed German toddlers who shy away from everyone but me. Cause I speak German.
I will go out with Heidi, my visiting teacher, for hot chocolate this month. I will also call her for a Modern Family night.  
I wrote an article about former Utah laureate, Kate Coles today.  
Ana is getting married. She sends giant texts to tell us what’s going on with the bridesmaid shoes and dresses. Her bridesmaids have made a fuss about the 5-inch yellow shoes she picked out. At my wedding the bridesmaid had no choice what they would wear. “Wear turquoise high heel shoes and wear them gladly!” I said. Maybe that’s why my personality is similar to Adolf Hitler and Bin Laden according to that Meyers-Briggs test. Ana is Mother Theresa.
I must read 5 Grimm’s fairytales by tomorrow and be able to tell one of them to the class. It can’t be Cinderella, Snow White, or any of those. Ones I don’t know very well. 
I’m celebrating Karneval tonight with the German department. Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann? Wenn nicht wir, sag mir wo und wann! 
Ohhh, Karneval. I think of Karneval and think of dressing up like smurfs with Ann-Kathrin and Lucas and painting our faces blue. And taking the train to meet Nick and catch candy from the parade. Ohh, Karneval.
Spencer is sitting next to me. He’s cute.

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