“Anne, what kind of three animals would you be?” Spencer asked.

Would I be?”

“Yeah, not what you want to be. What animals would you be?”

“Hm,” I thought for a moment. “First, a chipmunk. And then a kind of bird, but not one that has a distinct chirp. A more quiet one.”

“Ok, and what is your third?”

“Umm, probably a giraffe or an elephant. A giraffe, probably.”

“Anne, guess what?”


“My guesses for you were a squirrel, an ostrich, and a giraffe.”

“Really? Those were the ones you guessed I’d be?”


Chipmunk for nervous habits.
Bird for always watching.
Giraffe for too tall to go unnoticed, even if I wanted.

But on the “Animal in You” quiz, I’m a bear. Ha!

“That fits you,” Spencer said. “You’re fairly docile until something irritates you and then you’re… frightening.”

Spencer thinks he’d be a bear, dog, and moose. 

What animal would you be? (What do you think?)
What does the quiz say? http://www.animalinyou.com/test.php

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  1. Today, I feel like a goose, but I was a bear on the test.
    Hurrah for bears!

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