I got a C on my “Grimm to Disney” midterm.
I got an A on my 14-page paper in “Gerechtigkeit” (justice.)
I forgot about two quizzes, nine minutes before they were due.
I got a 10 out of 15 on the first quiz and a 2 out of 15 on the second.
I pushed buttons on the second quiz.
I only had 30 seconds left.
I took the test for my Severe Weather class.
I know I got a B or higher because I love this class.
I love knowing how clouds and rain form.
I love looking up at the sky and knowing a warm front is coming because there is a cirrus, then cirrus stratus, then altostratus, then nimbo stratus clouds coming my way.
I love understanding why atmospheric scientists are scared to death about global warming and the increase in carbon dioxide in the air.
I love looking at rawinsonde soundings.
Maybe I shouldn’t be a German major. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about the psychological approach or structural approach to the 1856 version of Grimm’s fairy tales or Perrault’s violent and sexual connotations in Little Red Riding Hood. Maybe I should be an atmospheric scientist.

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  1. Maybe you should be a tv weather forecaster. You’d be great.

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