Hi folks!

Last night I dreamt I lived under water and swam next to yellow fish and stingrays. And Spencer and I were shopping at Anthropology, which was also underwater.

 I think that sums up my dream life. Living under water and shopping at Anthropology.

Ooo, but I do like flying.

I think I had happy dreams because, instead of staring at a white screen before bed, Spencer got out his engineering paper and we drew our dream houses. When we were done, we showed each other. They looked the same.

Because, really we just want this house to be ours. And I don’t care if you pinned it first–it’s MINE.

Now let’s just get it underwater.


  1. A perfect house.

  2. Wonderful dreams, fantastic house.

  3. Jamie Smith

    Oh my gosh! I just died and went to house heaven.

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