The library is abnormally quiet for a Tuesday at eleven o’ clock. Where are those rambunctious Indians who sit at the corner table on the third floor? They always make the library a party.

I enjoy my small time at the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I eat my sweet and salty nut granola bars, my mandarin oranges, my apple, and Spencer often brings me a sandwich that I forgot to make myself. He is bringing me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. The tables are taken when I get out of my Grimm to Disney class, so I sit at the black couches.

Half of the students in the library are not doing their homework. Like me. I should be doing my homework. I should be working on:

1. 6-page paper on Der Vorleser (The Reader (have you seen the movie with Kate Winslet? Did you like it?)) = due Thursday at 5pm in my professor’s box.

2. 8-10-page pager on anything about Grimm and Disney (changes the Grimm’s made to older fairytales, how Disney takes part in cultural aspects of the U.S., the role of mothers in fairy tales, etc.) = draft due April 18, final due May 1

3. Imaginary Field Work on the Mediterranean Diet 6-7-page pager = due April 23

4. Rewriting fairy tale to a modern fairy tale, group project = due April 26

Are you all surviving?

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  1. I should be reading papers, which is almost as bad as writing them, but not quite. Bless, bless.

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