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I have moved some things around in the apartment and it has left us with more space and coziness, but another blank wall to fill. I want to be creative but I don’t feel creative–I just feel impatient. So I’m sticking things up on the wall, hoping it works, it doesn’t, and I take it down. 
The thing is, all of these darn cute pinterest pictures have 1) a LOT of art, 2) different color frames and 3) different sized frames. 
I have a lot of black 8×10 frames and a couple white 8×10 frames. 
On the bright side, Spencer and I went to the D.I. in Centerville (where the good stuff is) and I found a yellow and white striped tablecloth and two milk glass vases. 
I will post pictures when I feel comfortable with the house. At the moment, heck no. 

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  1. Ah, the oppression of Pinterest. But isn’t the experimentation FUN?

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