I’m at my happy place.

The trees are blooming outside.

I can see the library out of one window, and the rest of the city out of the other.

I am forcing myself to study. I will study after this post.

I am sitting at an octagon table. I like octagons. They were my favorite shape in elementary school.

I’m glad the blooming trees are hiding 7 Eleven.

I’m thinking about architecture and building spaces and creating social atmospheres.

I’m thinking about the fountain at the U and how there should be more fountains at the U.

More fountains, more statues, more art, more food trucks, more red chairs and tables and more umbrellas on the tables.

I’m thinking 4th south needs a more main street feel.

I’m thinking about my styrofoam cup from Zupas and how styrofoam should be illegal.

I’m thinking how Utah uses water-wasting Kentucky Blue Grass and we live in a desert.

I’m thinking about the sequester and the super committee. I’m thinking about congress.

I’m thinking about how many times I leave my light on and waste, waste, waste, and still I complain.

I’m thinking about Heimlich from the Heimlich maneuver and how he’s still living in Cincinnati and first practiced the Heimlich maneuver on his dog.

He shoved a piece of meat down his dog’s throat, then tried out the Heimlich maneaver. It worked.

I’m thinking Radiolab is awesome.

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  1. Glad to see your brain at work.

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