So Ana got married.
She was beautiful, happy, skinny.
I cried in the temple.
A couple times she looked at me and smiled. I winked.
The sealer cracked a couple jokes.
I realized my laugh can sometimes be too loud for the temple.
She looked stressed, yet happy.
She stood next to Jake and Jake looked handsome.
The girls cracked each other up.
The girls wrote terrible things on Ana and Jake’s car.
The groomsmen thought it was too inappropriate and erased it. (which totally pissed me off, but now I’m over it and give myself, a married woman, kudos for grossing out a bunch of college dudes)
We wore masks and bracelets and hats and random things as we danced.
We bit our lips from the blisters forming on our heels.
 We drank horchata.

It was bomb dig. And Ana deserved it all. Yay for having awesome friends.

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  1. Pics are awesome.

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