Are your flowers blooming?

I decided to tear the house apart. I switched out furniture, hung frames on the wall, and hammered nails into cinderblock (no bueno: white paint everywhere.) But I am out of wall hooks for the cinderblock, I do not have yellow paint for the corner desk we got from our neighbors, and we have no room for the wooden side table.

Clocks and wedding pictures lie on the couch, plastic from the wall hooks cover the coffee table, nails sit on the dinner table, and have I mentioned the ongoing stack of dirty dishes?

I still haven’t changed out of my barf-me-soup-smell uniform from work.


This morning I made myself a really delicious smoothie. Banana, frozen raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, spinach, strawberry yoghurt, and apple juice.

But I couldn’t eat it. I only had enough time to MAKE it before I ran out the door.

So Spencer ate it. Sniff.

I haven’t asked him how good it was. But I just know it was delicious.


Other (random) pictures of Anne Louise life in March.

 My room looks (somewhat) happy when it’s clean, right? Now what to do with the cinderblock…
Our project for a week of the summer is to build a headboard. Super excited. (What color do you think it should be??)

 In March I got to know cousin Sal a little bit better. And she’s quite a lovely person.

Don’t you think?


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  2. I’m sorry about your smoothie. I’d be bitter.
    I vote white.

  3. I vote that mustard color in the quilt.

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