So I finished my essay on Der Vorleser. (applaud, please).

And it’s over.

And now I have the Grimm to Disney fairy tale essay to write (nooooo).

So instead of writing my essay, I watched Tangled, which is… sort of productive.
I like Tangled because Spencer likes Tangled. And when we watch it together, I realize that Flynn Rider is Spencer. Which makes it ten times more fun to watch.

And before that, we went to Wingers. I hate that we went to Wingers. We have a couple days in a month to go out and we went to Wingers of all places, people. I ordered a massive, good ol’ American burger and I want to die.

And to top that off, I didn’t go to yoga. Just. Meh.
I’ve been going to yoga with my friend in the neighborhood and it feels so darn good. But why is it always a challenge to get up and go?

So here I am, Fat Winger chick, sitting here with a giant hamburger stuck in my stomach as I ignore my essay and watch Disney movies.

The life.


  1. That’s funny. The last time we watched “Tangled” Mira said that Flyyn reminds her of Spencer.

  2. Beef only sits in your intestines for three weeks. No problem.

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