You know how I didn’t want to read that horse book? Well, I didn’t. And I was worried all morning that I’d be screwed for class today. But when I walked into class, guess what? Class was canceled. (Saved!)
Five other classmates didn’t get the memo either. So instead of leaving, they gave me a chapter summary of the horse book, we complained about our six-page paper due on Thursday, and we chatted about some ridiculous anthropology classes.
I’ve moved to the dark side when it comes to anthropology. The idea of having a job in anthropology and doing field work sounds awesome, but holy crap, how can a teacher make a subject like the mafia or carnival costumes in Greece BORING?  I mean, my atmospheric science teacher has talked about freaking clouds all semester and I’m like “holy crap this is amazing!”
I’m upset here.


  1. I love cancelled class more than anything. Make yourself some hot coco on this lovely, dreary day.

  2. I love it when you talk dirty.

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