Well. More like other (random) things.

Saturday was my last day at Zupas and Alicia bought both Veronica and me a cake. It was sad and I got a little teary eyed and then I looked at the cake again and realized I was about to eat the ultimate pink and purple princess cake and nothing could be better than that.

And now I’m working an 8-hr day at a computer, which is a huge adjustment. My fingers feel like they’re going to fall off. I think PC keys are harder to press, no?

It’s a great job. Plus, my dad works there, so I have a lunch buddy. And talking to my dad in person is so much better than on the phone. He’s got technology communication problems.

And working at a computer is making me more social after work. I go home and want to make a cake and have a party. Except I forget to invite people over, so I just… eat the cake. I want to go out, I’m going to every Relief Society activity, ya dee ya duh.

And my life now consists of podcasts. I’ve never been a huge music headphone person, at least not since I was in Middle School. I hate that I can’t hear people around me. But because I work at my desk, I listen to podcasts all of the time–Radio Lab, Foreign Dispatch, Talk of the Nation, It’s All Politics, and currently downloading This American Life. Neil Conan (with Talk of the Nation) is not my fave, but what they talk about is interesting so I deal. Radio Lab ROCKS people. LISTEN NOW. And then let’s talk. Because I love talking about it. Any other podcasts I should know about? Tell me.

And we got a laundry machine! People! Our lives are saved!

Off. Kiss kiss.


  1. I’m completely obsessed with Radio Lab. Favorite NPR show hands down! (Which is saying something because I’ve been a die hard This American Life gal for ages.)

    There are a couple NPR staples I don’t see on your list that you should check out:
    1. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! – Super fun current events quiz show (You’ve gotta have heard of it; your parents raised you right.) (Ask Me Another is also great)
    2. TED Radio Hour – Great on it’s own, but also works well as a way to weed through the sea of TED talks to find ones you are interested in listening to. (BTW, if you haven’t seen/listened to Berne Brown’s stuff, do it ASAP!)
    3. Planet Money/Freakonomics – both of these explain complex economic theories and news that effect us today in a way that is interesting and engaging (ala This American Life and Radio Lab)
    4. Fresh Air – I don’t always like Terri Gross, but her interviews with artists and celebrities are always really interesting.
    5. The Moth – People telling their stories in front of a live audience with no notes. So fun.
    6. Selected Shorts – Readings of fantastic works of fiction from a variety of readers, some famous (like Liev Shriver, etc.) Some not so much.
    7. The Splendid Table – Warning: do not listen to this when you are hungry! This woman makes all food sound ridiculously amazing and makes you want to go home and cook Boef Borginion because now that you’ve listened to her, you know how to do it.

    And as for the non-NPR podcasts:
    1. The Nerdist – Not just a nerd fest (although sometimes. 🙂 ). The host, Chris Hardwick, is seriously one of the best interviewers I ever heard. He keeps his questions to a minimum and really just lets the guests talk, which leads to an hour of amazing stories from amazing people like Lilly Tomlin, Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Tom Hanks, Dave Grohl, etc. I don’t listen to all of them, I just go through and find the people who’s stories I want to hear.
    2. The Thrilling Adventure Hour – If you need some cheering up, this is a group (including Nathan Fillion) who perform old-timey radio plays. The podcast is made up of 4 or 5 different shows that alternate from week to week. Some shows I like more than others, but they are fun when you are looking for something a bit lighter.
    3. The Dinner Party Download – Weekly podcast filled quick and dirty stories that will get you talking.

    Finally, I don’t know what your work’s policy is on YouTube, but if you are interested in learning something new about science, or getting a well rounded refresher course on history, you should really check out Sci Show (with Hank Green) and/or Crash Course World and US History. They are both really well done, and I love the history ones. For example, this one is the best explanation of Islam I’ve ever heard: http://youtu.be/TpcbfxtdoI8

    So… that should keep you occupied for a while. I love listening to podcasts while I work, so I’m a bit addicted. Let me know what you think and if you find any others! Happy Listening!

  2. YES! Hahahaha. Thank you, Erin. Yes, you got it right, I grew up on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, I’m just new to the whole podcast thing and didn’t know there was one. Good to know! Listened to TED talks, they’re good but for some reason reluctant to download (are they as good as Radio Lab?)

    The Nerdist sounds SUPER good, downloading immediately. Thank you so so much!

  3. A washing machine! Welcome to the civilized world.

    I love Erin’s list.

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