small update for those who care. 🙂

finals are over! holy crap, would they ever end?

i finished my 8-10 page paper. It was good. actually i don’t know that for sure. i’m just saying that.

this semester i wrote the longest paper of my life. 14 pages. i know there will be another time where i will beat that record by a long shot and i do not look forward to it.

i saw a girl’s house in the ward and it was so. darn. cute. so i went home, dragged spencer with me to bed bath and beyond and bought three pillows to put on our leather green couch. they look good, people. and we still had bed bath and beyond gift cards from our wedding.

i have a new job. next saturday is my last day of zupas. i have been working there since the start of college and it’s weird to say goodbye. plus there are some people that i don’t want to say goodbye to. i told two of them that saying goodbye to coworker is like saying “well there goes that friendship.” which i hope really isn’t the case. but saying goodbye is aways hard.

my new job is where my dad also works. we are in different areas, but his cubical is 10 steps away from mine. we went to lunch together on friday and sat across the street from pioneer park. it was cloudless and warm. we sat outside.

spencer has a week of a break until he goes back to school. i’m not working this summer. too much.

i am applying to go to germany this fall for a semester internship. more details later. (you know, if i get it.)

i am $186 away from buying the Canon Rebel T3i with the lens. you have no idea how excited i am.

kind of a long update. oh well.


  1. Your old G’pa couldn’t be prouder.

  2. Congratulations on the job. That’s terrific. That Canon’s coming coming coming.

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