I am the secretary of the Relief Society in my ward. This means I support the president, help with the budget, hold the binder, write out announcements that need to be made, and take care of visiting teaching. This is a good calling for me. It means order and creating spreadsheets and sending out emails. I’m good at that stuff. 
So anyway. I’m the secretary, so our neighbor/wardie, Sarah, came up to me and said she wants us to make an announcement that she and her husband, Joe, are having North Carolina barbeque outside and anyone is welcome to come. 
Free food? Free food made my Joe? Boo yah!
So at 2p.m. we looked outside out window. No one was there. Just Joe and Sarah sitting at the picnic table. We heard Kurt walk up to them. “Has no one showed up yet?”
“Nope,” Joe said. 
I looked at Spencer. “We need to get out there. That is prime food.”
And suddenly as if everyone was thinking the exact thing at 2:27p.m., everyone made their way to the picnic table.
And it rocked.
We drank KoolAid, ate fresh pineapple (for sale at Smith’s until today, only $1), and talked about dogs biting off people’s lips and attacking other people. I don’t know how we got onto that conversation. Spencer didn’t like the conversation. He’s been dog crazy lately. He either wants a Gordon Setter or two Great Danes named Eleanor and Ebenezer. As long as the Great Danes have floppy ears, I think I’m okay with that. I love floppy ears.
We also talked about boob jobs and plastic surgery. And y’all know my take on that. Boooooo.
Overall it was a beautiful afternoon. It is so nice to finally enjoy the sun.