I’m loving these weekend getaways in Lake Powell. I sit in the bow of the boat as we zoom through desert towers and remember that life is oh, so, good.

 Katie was standing right next to this door. I told her to stand in front of it because Oh-Em-Gee, they match!

 I wasn’t expecting this when Katie asked for my nail polish. I’m jealous that Kevin is such a heavy sleeper.

 The girlies.

 Surfing! Spencer looking like a stud.

 And THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME ON TOP OF THE WATER. First time. Best feeling ever, as you can see by my face.

 And after that, I got up on the wakeboard. (And don’t say getting up on the wakeboard is easy–it’s taken me a year to get up.) And I’m like “Oooooo, I look good.”

 Okay, maybe I didn’t look that good.

 The amphitheater. (NUTS, right? It’s a giant hole!)

 You feel so tiny when you’re in Lake Powell. And you also remember why life is worth living.

 Heeeey, Spence, what are you doing there squatting on the back of the boat?

 Spencer and I lay in the boat as Mark and Emily lit fireworks. It was quite romantic. The next two nights we sat by the fire and watched them go off. And then we talk about poop. Not very romantic.

 The family all sandy and sunkissed.

 And the group.
(Family, when you look at this picture of me, do you think of Uncle Mark? I’m totally pulling an Uncle Mark right here.)

 The girls washing their hair. I’m getting the professional treatment as Lisa washes my hair for me. Yuss.

King of the boat.

 Hi, Kevin. (I laugh everytime I look at this picture.)

(And this one.)